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Zak George Dog Training

Exotic Animals Documentaries

Praying Mantises – The Kung Fu Killers of the Insect Kingdom

They are killers. They kill with unbelievable precision. They fight Kung Fu style and are seen in Japan as a symbol of vigilance -...

African Elephant 🐘 | Amazing Animals

African elephants can live up to 70 years! Learn more amazing facts about the African Elephant in this video from National Geographic Kids. ➡ Subscribe...

World's Funniest Animals

The Dog Whisperer

Calming Presence | Dog Whisperer

A nervous owner gets some help to remain calm around her anxious dogs. ➡ Subscribe: ➡ Get More Dog Whisperer: #NatGeoWILD #CesarMillan #DogWhisperer About Dog Whisperer: From...

Equestrian Life

The World of Reptiles

Dog Helps Dad Rescue Turtle Caught in Wire | The Dodo

Dog Helps Her Dad Rescue A Turtle | When this very good dog saw a turtle struggling in the water, she jumped into action....

Fish & DIY Aquariums

How to Care for a Betta Fish

Here is my complete Betta care guide for beginner fish keepers! In today’s video, we discuss the six main elements of a good betta...


hi everyone 🙂 this video will tell you everything you need to keep your betta living a long and happy life! if i’ve made...

Petco and Animal Planet’s Tanked Present: My First Tank – Maintaining and Caring for Your Fish Tank

Subscribe to our channel: TRUST THE SHARK. Get ATM professional products for professional results guaranteed! Wayde and Brett from ATM (Acrylic Tank Manufacturing) and Animal...

Don’t Buy A Betta Fish Without Watching This First. 10 Things You Should Know About Betta Fish.

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The Aquarium in a Jar is being Destroyed! Here is what I did to help this little Reef Tank Thrive! Looking for the LED Light...
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All About Service Dogs

Seeing Eye Dog Training

Watch this new video about how The Seeing Eye trains dogs to become confident guides.

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Canine Breeds

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