Balanced Training.  Reward vs. Consequence

    In this video we strive to show that corrections are not punishment but rather guidance that allows dogs to understand, through non verbal communication, what is right and what is wrong / unacceptable.  
    The Rottweiler in this video has been surrendered to the shelter at least 2 times for severe dog aggression.  In this video we demonstrate the use of corrections and reward to clearly communicate what is allowed and what is not.  The pit bull we used has an immense play drive that has not been put into check and can easily set off other dogs.  These two dogs would never make it together without a structured interaction, as you will see in early on.  

    By the use of balanced training (meaning corrections and rewards) we were able to get these two neutralized and accepting of one another in less than 30 minutes.  
    Helping shelters better understand canine behavior saves lives.


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