Dog Breed Video: Bull Terrier

    This is a video about the dog breed Bull Terrier, from the website.

    In this video, we meet the Bull Terrier. Commonly (but mistakenly) known as the ‘English Bull Terrier’ or EBT, the name of this breed is actually just the ‘Bull Terrier’. We also meet Linda Bland who has owned Bull Terriers for nearly twenty years.

    When dog fighting was banned by law, fanciers of the breed set about breeding better looking dogs for sale because there was still a ready market for good looking game dogs. Foremost among the fanciers were the Hinks family of Birmingham, dog and animal dealers for generations, James Hinks set about evolving a white strain, He crossed the Bull Terrier with the milder mannered white English Terrier and later with the Dalmatian and so evolved his strain of all whites.

    Bull Terriers have always been fond of people but, even today, some individual dogs have a tendency to have problems with other dogs, however many Bull Terriers can and do live and socialise with other dogs.

    They are perhaps not the most trainable dog but have won Linda over with their playful sense of fun.


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