Puppy Training at the Shelter – The First Things to Teach a Puppy

    Shelter puppies are just like any other puppy. They need training and structure. In this video I’ll run you though everything to teach a new puppy. The puppy in this video is about 9-10 weeks old and is totally green.

    This puppy learned all the basics during the course of this 10+ minute video – the longer / full version is available on my member’s only website


    and is worth the price of admission.

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    Watch this puppy learn the basics of COME, DOWN, SIT, STAND and PLACE… all in one video.

    If you only watch one puppy training video, this should be it! If you LOVE your puppy, train him! This video will help you teach your puppy obedience in a positive, fun and rewarding experience.

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