National geographic Documentary – Prehistoric predators – Wildlife Animals

    National geographic Documentary – Prehistoric Predators – Wildlife Animals
    Prehistoric predators
    Prehistoric Predators was a 2007 National Geographic Channel program based on different predators that lived in the past, including Smilodon and Megalodon. The series investigated how such beasts hunted and fought other creatures, and what drove them to extinction. The program’s investigative style was somewhat followed by the recent Discovery Channel documentary, Monsters Resurrected.

    Prehistoric times contained some of the largest and most terrifying predators to have ever roamed the earth. Some relied on raw strength and speed while others utilized the element of surprise to satisfy their hunger. Despite these two dissimilar styles of hunting, each of these predators shared a common characteristic: they reigned as one of the top hunters of their time. These amazing prehistoric predators had their own particular ways of hunting that kept them at the top of the food chain.

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