Sharks : Scavengers of the Seas – Documentary

    Before being an earthly paradise with enchanting colours, the lagoon of New-Caledonia is above all a paradise for sharks. Usually considered as fierce predators, sharks really are opportunistic scavengers.

    Scavengers that are not too picky when it comes to their menu: feathers, fins or fur, anything will do.

    Amongst the most striking scenes which punctuate this documentary filmed for four years in New Caledonia, is the never-seen-before sequence of the planet’s greatest animal, a weakened blue whale, attacked and cleaned up by hordes of sharks from the surface down to the abyss. High quality images and a dramatic backdrop soundtrack plunge us into the shark’s world.

    Author(s): Cyril Barbançon, Bertrand Loyer
    Director(s): Cyril Barbançon, Bertrand Loyer
    Year: 2003
    Producer(s): Saint Thomas Productions, Canal+
    Running time: 52 mn
    Distributor(s): Village Distribution

    Japan Wildlife Film Festival
    Japan, 2003
    Best Underwater Film

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