15 Types of BETTA FISH

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    Title: 15 types of betta fish

    Ikan pelaga merupakan sejenis ikan air tawar yang dipelihara di dalam akuarium. Ia berasal dari lembangan Sungai Mekong di Asia Tenggara.

    Antara jenis ikan pelaga ialah Betta splendens (ikan pelaga siam), Betta imbellis (ikan mengkaring) dan Trichopsis vittata (ikan sempilai). Selain itu ikan pelaga juga dikenali dengan nama ikan laga.

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    Plakat Bettas

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    Live Betta Fish Male Marbled Extreme Orange Black Rims Tail Halfmoon Plakat HMPK

    RED DEVIL Double Tail Halfmoon Betta DTHM

    Betta Dumbo Pink Salamander OHM PK Male

    Veiltail Betta (Hunter)

    Biggest Giant betta in the world

    Machos Betta Delta

    Combtail Cambodia/Butterfly GW1

    Super Long tail Betta Fighter fish

    Red rose tail HM Halfmoon male Betta fish.


    betta blue dragon plakat spade tail 1

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    Live Betta Fish Male SUPER DARK BLUE Rosetail Halfmoon


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