How to Care for a Betta Fish

    Here is my complete Betta care guide for beginner fish keepers! In today’s video, we discuss the six main elements of a good betta aquarium and what it takes to keep your betta fish healthy. It’s a common misconception that bettas are cheap and easy pets. That couldn’t be further from the truth! A beginner should give their betta a decent-sized aquarium, filter, heater, a proper diet, and suitable tank mates! I also demonstrate how I would set up a basic planted aquarium. A huge thank you to Flip Aquatics for sponsoring me! This is our first collaboration together and I am stoked!

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    What Do I Film With?
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    Additional reading and videos:
    Rachel O’Leary’s botanical video
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    All my music is by Andrew Applepie. Check him out!
    I used ‘Running (Instrumental)’ and ‘Not Gonna Lie’ in today’s video


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