HOW TO SET UP A BETTA FISH TANK | the correct way

    hi everyone! thank u all so much for checking out my video & i hope it helped you in some way. see you next week?

    products mentioned:
    – aqueon betta bow tank:
    – tetra whisper 3i filter:
    – aqueon flat heater:
    – grreat choice thermometer:
    – top fin crushed shell substrate:
    – all tank decor from petsmart

    betta checklist:
    – 2.5+ gallon tank with hood and light (they can jump)
    – dechlorinator/conditioner
    – food
    – filter
    – thermometer
    – heater
    – substrate (gravel, marbles, sand, etc)
    – decorations (at least 1 they can hide in)
    – plants (silk, live, or soft plastic)
    – net for water changes

    set up:
    1. wash hands (with minimal soap, rinse hands completely)
    2. rinse off everything with warm water (NO SOAP)
    3. place everything in the tank where you want
    4. fill your tank with water & add water dechlorinator/conditioner
    5. put filter, heater, and thermometer in
    6. make sure temperature is in between 72-82 F
    7. cycle your tank
    8. let your betta acclimate for at least 15 minutes
    9. release and let your betta explore it’s new home!

    betta dos and donts:
    – do not put two male bettas or one male/one female in one tank (they prefer to live alone)
    – do not go smaller than a 2.5 gallon tank (if possible, go bigger!)
    – do not put bettas in direct sunlight
    – do not put bettas in a new tank unless it has cycled
    – do not fill the tank up to the lid (they need air)
    – do not overfeed, feed about twice a day with a small pinch of pellets
    – do not feed bloodworms more than once a week, this is a TREAT, not daily food
    – do realize bettas will live a long life if taken care of properly (this is a commitment)
    – do keep the pH level around 7
    – do have fun with your betta!


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