Let’s take a trip to Petsmart to take a look at the selection of fish stuff. This is all about getting your aquarium for cheap. So that you can have what you want but maintain that tight budget. If you can’t afford to have an aquarium then this video is for you. I will show you how to get what you need at budget to setup your first aquarium.
    Now I keep African Cichlids. They are my favorite fish. I have purchased tons of fish tanks off of craigslist and offerup at unbelievable prices so that I can keep these aquarium fish. Don’t be afraid to buy used tanks. It is really easy to silicone them and paint them. Scratches for the most part disappear when covered with water. You will save a ton of cash doing this.
    In order to have the healthiest tropical fish or saltwater fish you need to have a very good filtration system. You can use HOB or Hang on the Back filters, Canister Filters, Sponge Filters or Sumps. These are all great ways to filter a tank. The key is to over filter your aquarium so that the water stays in pristine condition which will lead to extremely healthy fish.
    As we know there are all kinds of different style aquariums. Freshwater Aquarium, Saltwater Aquarium, Planted Aquarium, Reef Aquarium, Nano Aquarium, Ghetto Aquarium and many more. Doing your research to find good deals will help you setup these aquariums on tight budgets. So never be discouraged because of price, that is something that we can have some control over.
    So I hope that this video will shed some light on the fact that we don’t have to pay premiums in order to setup out aquarium or aquariums. I hope that it was helpful. I know that on tanks alone I saved around $1,300+ on setting up my fish room. So if I can , you can.

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