How To: Your First Betta Aquarium Setup | 🐻 Bear Necessities

    A little how to set up a new Betta fish and or small aquarium using filtered media from another tank. One thing I forgot to mention is that using water from a cycled tank helps but the power comes from the already seeded bacteria on the biological media that I used from a very well established and long standing tank with a little greater bio load the one I just set up. I also used several plants and other things from other aquariums to help.

    ———- Betta youtubers ———-

    Here are some youtubers who know a lot more about Betta care than I as they are all breeders and two of them breed show Betta.

    ► Creative Pet Keeping

    ► Moon River Bettas

    ► Inglorious Bettas

    ———- Nitrogen Cycle ———-

    ►Aquarium Co-op

    ►BRS TV

    ►KG Tropicals

    ———- More from me ——–

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