Low Tech Planted Aquarium (20 Gallon Betta Community tank)

    The plants in this aquarium are all beginner plants. They will all grow in low light. We used gravel and a little Fluval Stratum for substrate. We also used Flourish root tabs to help promote plant health. The plants used in the tank were Amazon Sword, Anubias, Bacopa and Water Wisteria. They have all grown very quickly. We water change 25-30% once a week. We don’t vacuum the gravel as the fish waste and any left over food breaks down and fertilizes the plants.

    *We are new to keeping aquarium plants. The purpose of this video is not to give advice but to share what we have done and the results so far. The tank has a lot more growing to do but we’re happy with the growth up to this point. The tank seems to have a green cast on camera but in reality it’s very clear.

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