Mermaid Princess Aquarium

    Play here:

    Just like us, Mermaids also have pets! Help the mermaid princess by decorating the fish tank, cleaning the fish tank, and taking care of the fish by nursing them back to health. There are many beautiful designs to make & fun fish to buy. You can earn money for new designs by cleaning & curing the fish.

    How to Play:
    • Nurse Fish: Use the items below the fish to fix what is making them sick. Fix all the problems and earn 5 coins to use to buy decorations.

    • Clean the Tank: Use the items below the tank to clean it until it looks new again! Earn 30 coins for each time you clean the tank. Use the coins to purchase decorations for the tank.

    • Decorate the Tank: Use the coins earned by the other mini games to purchase new fish & decorations to make the most beautiful Mermaid Princess Aquarium in the land!

    • Lots of decorations & fish to own
    • Produce thousands of decoration & fish combinations
    • 3 fun mini games: Decorate, Clean & Nurse
    • Learn the importance of responsibility by cleaning the tank
    • 4 fish to nurse back to perfect health
    • Beautiful visuals to make you feel nice and warm inside
    • Free & fun to play!


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