New Betta Fish and His Planted Tank Set Up

    We got a new male koi Betta fish. We set up new planted tank it is a 2.5 gallon with a sponge filter. We added black sand as substrate and plants. The plants are Anubias, Amazon Sword and Marimo Moss balls. We added Flourish roots tabs to help feed the plants. We don’t have a heater in the tank at the moment as the tank runs at a stable 78f without one.

    Tank Set Up.
    Flourish root tabs. (paid link)
    Whisper Air Pump (paid link)
    Sponge filter. (paid link)
    Marimo Moss balls. (paid link)

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    *Disclaimer ~ This video is not sponsored in anyway. All opinions are our own. The above links are Amazon Affiliate links.


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