15 Amazing Animal Friendships You Won’t Believe!

    From a cat and bird being friends to a cheetah and a dog, here are 15 amazing animal friendships you wont believe!

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    8. Koala and Canine
    This koala bear doesn’t need to climb on a tree when it’s got a help pooch to carry it around. The koala looks to be a little bit tired and is finding a temporary resting place. Don’t you wish you could have a cuddly koala bear hanging on your back! They do however, have some pretty sharp claws so you might want to watch out.

    7. Oh Deer
    You probably wouldn’t expect this dog to be friends with this tiny little baby deer! Cindy has her own guard dog, a big great dane by the name of rocky in somerset England. She was found by a hiker to be abandoned by her mother and the two are practically inseparable! She does, after all need someone to care for her. Sometimes mother does often leave their fawns in strange places, because she knows that with her presence she might attract predators. It’s actually recommended not to interact with these fawns or the mother might not remember the scent trail. But some cute photos nonetheless.

    6. Tigers and Bunnies
    Does this not seem like the perfect symbol of peace and harmony. Bunnies and tigers coming to play together on a sunny day. They appear to be controlling their animal instincts and are just getting along. Maybe if the tiger was a little bit older, he might consider eating this cute fur ball but not for now! Tigers will rely on their mother to do most of their hunting for them until they learn how to hunt on their own. It really almost seems like too much cuteness in one photo.

    5. Lovebird and Kitty
    These two sworn enemies are finally getting cozy next to each other and have decided to make up after all the fighting. The bird might just be lucky that it’s time for him to take a quick cat nap before their at it again!

    4. Free Ride
    Growing up, every little girl wanted a pony but it looks like this dog was lucky enough to actually find one! This Jack Russell terrier named Freddy, is catching a ride on the back of a shetland pony horse named daisy on a farm in Gloucester United Kingdom. It certainly seems easier than having to run around to fetch the ball when you got a horse to ride on! These amazing animal friends can achieve great things when they work as a team!

    3. Wombat and Kangaroo
    Can you guess where these two animals are from? That’s right! The land of Australia. Anzac the joey and Peggy the wombat catch some much needed shut eye at the Wildlife Kilmore Rescue Centre in Victoria where they’ve become good buddies, in the beginning of their lives. They were both orphans and needed a proper place to be raised. Some day this squinty eyed wombat will be able to open his eyes to see who he’s become friends with. The joey in this photo is only 8 months old and would normally be carried around in its mother’s pouch. The two are about the same size now, once it grows up, it’ll be much bigger than the wombat!

    2. Oxpecker and Hippopotamus
    These two animals coexist in perfect harmony. The hippotamous often attracts the unwanted attention to parasites and other bugs. They have almost no way of getting them off. But, with the help of the semi parasitic bird they protect the hippo and eats the pesky little bugs that are crawling on him. The two could theoretically live without each other but in terms of food, and protection it’s much better when they coexist. But these amazing animal species are often photographed together, and that’s just what amazing friends do!

    1.Kasi and Matani

    These two animal friends were raised at Busch Gardens, Tampa in the United states and it’s been quite interesting for zookeepers to see a dog and a cheetah getting along so well. First of cheetahs are felines so they should really not be getting along with dogs. These are animals are breaking all kinds of boundaries not playing with their own species! The two were introduced to each other when kasi was still a little kitten and this dog would treat him like it was it’s own pup! However, as Kasi began to mature and entered into adolescence, he did what most guys do at that age and started spending more time chasing other cats his own age. Kasi the labrador, spends a little more time with other cheetahs that are growing up. Kasi and the cheetah are occasionally seen together but not quite as often. They both make appearances to school from time to time but are mostly doing their own thing


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