The Compassionate Beast. (2017 🔴⚪️ 🔵) for ANIMAL LOVERS! “Moments of kindness between species”.

    🔴⚪️ 🔵 This is a touching warm and fuzzy video clip Compilation of Animals defending other species, or showing Compassion to Animals of other Species. Often species they see as prey, are filmed during wonderful moments where they seem to enjoy, care for and identify with another species. In some cases you’ll see that they even come to the aid of or protect the lives of other types of animals. This is a great warm and fuzzy video, especially for animal lovers. The Great Music and tender video clips will surely make you smile and warm your heart as you see these beasts in the light of them seeming to show compassion and have a tender awareness. GOD Bless.
    The purpose of these Animal and Backmask Prophecy videos is to help you believe what i tell you will be truth to save your life, and my only agenda is to lead you into everlasting life, Who am I? I am only Robert Nicholas Walsh, and I do not claim to be an Alien, Jesus, Yeshua, Christ, Zeus or anyone except Robert Nicholas Walsh, the music says what we hear it say, if you do not wish to believe that i only wish to lead you through the death of this sAtanic world than please unsubscribe and go. GOD Bless the eternal children of my GOD who’s name is Jehovah. I do not care if you are Iranian, or Jew, Christian or Russian, White or Black, Asian or American, Hindu, Democrat, Republican or independent, Mexican or African, rich or poor, or if you speak English or arabic, if you are in Saudi Arabian or France or if you live on this continent ot that one, if you live on Earth and are a human Being, we unite by this one factor alone, We believe in good prevailing over evil, nature prevailing over the folly of evil doers, the love of the one and only true and Almighty God and our true creator prevailing over the evil schemes of his evil rogue spirit demons. I believe only in truth and good having victory over the slanderous lies of evil and we are in a world that is shrouded in evil and cloaked in lies. And i know the truth and i will call out the evil and unveil the lies and the good hearted lovers of truth, Justice and eternal happiness can trust that and realize that there is a larger plan in action and we must have faith in the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the see the path that the guiding light gradually opens up. to us. I cannot save anyone or do anything exceptional, except to follow the the light of truth and I look to Almighty God and I put my faith and trust in him. I can do anything he grants to me and all things he sends mr to do and he is your creator, his name is Jehovah of Armies and he is the one and only true GOD. He is my power and strength and I love my GOD with all my heart, spirit, body, mind and soul. I am eternally dedicated to his goals and i move with his guidance and within his light at my feet I eventually see where he leads me, and I have faith in his guidance. The world and his people and animals will always remain on his earth even as it blossoms into his planned eternal paradise.

    Music By Bensound,
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    To See full videos of Partial clips seen here: go to or Google Clip of Interest.
    Bird Defending Cat : ——————————
    Brave Chihuahua protects Kittens ————
    Dog protects Squirrel on head from Cat: ——


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