A Rider’s Prayer

    Hello everyone!! 😀
    Oh my, I know it’s been a very, very long time! I haven’t posted a video in over a year. I know the channel went dead but I never meant it to seem I quit making videos because that’s not the case. Since I started college I just didn’t have the chance anymore to make videos more often and eventually I stopped altogether. I lost the habit, I lost the inspiration, but I never forgot about it!
    If you stuck around all this time waiting for a new video, I want to say thank you because I know it’s been a pain! But don’t worry, I’m always around here, I’m just not posting videos as often as I used to. Please bear with me in this new phase of my life. I’ll try to keep posting videos once in a while.
    I watched my “A Horse’s Prayer” video yesterday and I realized how proud I am of that video. And then an idea struck me hard. I’ve been waiting forever for it happen so I could post a video this summer at least! I opened Vegas and I made the video effortlessly and it felt so good being around my horses :’) I imagined, if a horse has a prayer, maybe we have one too, so I went to look for it and I found this one. It seemed fair and beautiful for me to make a video about us too and I even chose a music from the same soundtrack I used on the horse’s prayer video so they could link together 🙂
    I hope you like it! And I miss you all, thank you so much for watching my videos and for being around, you know it means a lot to me!

    Lots of love,


    A Horse’s Prayer

    Footage and music don’t belong to me.
    Used for fun purposes only.
    No Copyright Infringement Intended.

    Music from “The Crimson Wing – Mystery Of The Flamingos” Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – “The Hatching”


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