Equestrians || We got ourselves a Game.

    Oh hey everyone! How was your summer?

    I am so sorry i haven’t been on youtube for like a month… again. I was working on many projects but always ended up hating the way they were turning out and deleting them all! Even this one i am not really satisfied of the result but oh well… still sharin’ it with you guys just to let you know that i am still alive, hehe! I think it’s better to upload a video that was made with inspiration every once in a while then share a shitty one every week.. what do you guys think? I’ll still do my best to upload videos as often as i can.. waitin’ for some inspiration, you know? Sucks not having a natural talent to produce awesome, perfectly edited videos all the time like some people! 😛 I’m jealous of you guys!! Still hope you’ll enjoy and please let me know what you think, i love reading your comments! 🙂

    Song/Quote : I made my own research so i think you can too, my friend!
    Clips : Dig a hole in your backyard.. that’s how i find some cool stuff! 😉
    Program : Sony Vegas Pro 9

    Thank you so much for watching and i hope that i will see you guys very soon with a new video! Love you all to pieces! -xoxo
    PocoZeph 🙂


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