🐶Orion Dealing with a Fake Service Dog 🐾. 2/4/2018

    Thank you guys so much for watching our 🎥vlog !
    Today we were attacked by a 🐶fake service dog in Walmart, I am trying to push through and get out of the house and spend some time with my brother. but sadly my health is still 😥declining very fast. Stay tuned for what comes next !

    We Launched our 💪patreon page which were promoting 🍖Raw dieting for your 🐶furry friends and helping pet owners transition from kibble🐾 to raw. There is a lot of misleading information out there and I would help direct you to what fits best for your furry 🤗family member.
    You can also sign up to find out things before anyone else! I always put things up for my Patreons to see before anyone else gets to see. Check it out.

    We also got a 📬Mailbox! Your can send us mail now happily, and depending on what you send us we will open it on our 🎥vlog!

    Send it to:
    11310 South Orange Blossom Trail
    Apt# 325
    Orlando, Florida 32837

    Want to Find out more about The Raw Life Check out these Links:
    Chronic Illnesses 😎 Janiece & 🐶Orion Edition- https://youtu.be/ydvaNfS_QH4

    👊Breaking 🍖Raw Diet 🐲Myths. – https://youtu.be/M7BFvZCgLZk

    Raw Feeding 101

    Don’t forget to check out Orions Instagram 📷

    Again thank you for joining our 👪family and our journey, we really appreciate all the love 💚and support !

    If this is your first time tuning in Welcome ! If you have been with us before……. you know the drill


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