Disclaimer: This video was filmed in Orlando, Florida. Shot at Disney springs. Which is a shopping center. Their policy is only service animals. This meet up had been planned for a while, date set was June 3rd, 2018. We met some really cool people, and learned a lot! Everyone was super nice and it was overall a great experience. Later on in the video we went to a grass patch to let the dogs relax and relieve themselves (go potty). The rottie team happened to walk past this dog who went absolutely nuts, yanking and trying to get at Dexter (rottie). Dexter didn’t react and did his business, while everyone told the handler to watch out. We decided just not to get into it and to leave the people alone, we were more worried about Dexter and his handler than the other dog. The team walked by them again to return back to the group. The dog yanked and pulled and barked again. Once she returned the older woman all the way to the right was shouting at us and recording. That’s when the handler asked the woman not to film the dogs off duty. The woman became defensive and started shouting at everyone about the dogs being there. That’s when we started filming just in case something happened. The handler apologized for asking her not to film. And they got into an argument. The handler then proceeded to tell security what was happening. After she tells everyone that the park is in fact not pet friendly, and that officers were on the way, they split up and you can see the man walking the dog towards the entrance. The security guard aware of the situation, asks the man if that is in fact a service dog. To which the man must have replied yes.. the security couldn’t really do anything at that moment. When we walked over to speak with security again, he said he is handling it, and that the man told him it was a service dog. No clues lead anyone to believe this was a service dog, or even a dog in training. I don’t recommend fighting with people I know it was shown in the video, but if you see something similar to this happening please report it to authorities. It can save someone or someone’s dogs life.

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