Amazing German Shepherd Service Dog Training for Wounded Veteran

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    Nick Baley is an Iraq war veteran who served 12.5 years protecting his country. Bailey was injured by a mortar attack while on duty in Iraq. He sustained spinal injuries and nerve damage and has undergone several surgeries to help his physical pain. One of Bailey’s biggest comforts throughout it all; however, has been his faithful friend — his dog, Abel (a beautiful German Shepherd).

    Nick approached several organizations for wounded veterans to get help in training Abel as a Service Dog. Some of these organizations even advertised “free” Service Dog training, but he quickly discovered most of these organizations are deceiving and unable to produce subpar results. Instead, they are more interested in gathering donations and those funds are used elsewhere.

    An 8-year old girl found out about Nick’s story and wanted to help raise funds for Abel’s training so she started a lemonade stand. The attention the lemonade stand received significantly helped Nick towards his goal (they started a page), something for which he is eternally grateful.

    Nick and his wife went through hiring several trainers. These were supposedly highly skilled trainers that charge thousands of dollars to train Service Dogs. Every one of these trainers let Nick and Abel down. Thankfully Nick was able to get his money back, although Abel sometimes came home in worse behavioral condition.

    Nick discovered Your Dog Guru from one of our previous videos posted on YouTube. He contacted us immediately and our master trainer, Jimi Livshitz, used Skype to video chat with Nick and evaluate Abel. It wasn’t long before Nick and Abel were on a flight to Phoenix, Arizona. Abel stayed with us for 5 months and went through a complete rehabilitation and training program. We think this video speaks for itself by showing the condition Abel was in when he arrived and the amazing Service Dog he left as.

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