An Extraordinary Dog to Help Me Be Ordinary

    2013 Seeing Eye graduates, Mollie and Jeffery, share their stories about partnering with their Seeing Eye dogs. During the filming, Mollie was training with her second Seeing Eye dog – a yellow Lab named Newton, while Jeffery trained with his first Seeing Eye dog, a German shepherd named Gadget. Their genuine stories are heart-warming and illustrate how The Seeing Eye’s mission is changing lives throughout North America; and as a supporter of The Seeing Eye, you are part of that success.

    Be sure to stick around for the end of the video for a funny filming outtake!

    Produced and Directed by Ryan Hartigan.

    The following text describes the content of a few silent areas of the film for those using screen reading software:

    While Mollie and Jeffery are speaking, shots of Mollie working in town with her yellow Lab, Newton, and Jeffery working with his German shepherd, Gadget, are shown, including various intersection crossings, an unplanned traffic check, sidewalk travel and work inside of a shopping mall.

    The credit slides at the end read, in order, as follows:

    From Mollie and Newton, Jeffery and Gadget and the entire Seeing Eye family, Thank you.

    Special thanks to: Mollie Hernandez and her Seeing Eye dog, Newton. A funny outtake clip shows Newton lovingly trying to climb onto Mollie’s lap after the end of our interview with her. Mollie jokingly says “edit” with a big smile on her face as she settles Newton.

    And special thanks to Jeffery Lucas and his Seeing Eye dog, Gadget. A touching clip shows Jeffery and Gadget in a Seeing Eye van together on one of their last trips of class. Jeffery is smiling and hugging Gadget while Gadget gives him a quick kiss and then looks into the camera.

    The final slide shows The Seeing Eye’s logo and lists our web address,


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