Autism Service Dog Therapy During Meltdown

    “Rebecca had an unexplained meltdown and her poor verbal skills make it difficult, if not impossible, for her to communicate what is ailing her. These video clips were taken over a 20-25 minute period. I took her down to our sensory-friendly playroom to help her regroup. Charlie, her Autism Service Dog, was eager to join us. Petting him with her feet and hands help to subdue Rebecca by providing sensory stimuli and distraction. By focusing on a task, she is less focused on what distressed her. Having her throw a ball for him helps her to engage with Charlie, facilitates the bond between them, works on her motor planning, and assists with her expressive language skills, including giving commands and using a louder assertive voice, both of which are limitations of hers. Finally, some fun social engagement gives both Rebecca and Charlie the satisfaction of a job well done. “- Samantha

    Find out more at SDWR.ORG


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