Caring for Your Guide/Service Dog: Daily Grooming, Fur, & Dental Care Routine

    Thanks for becoming a part of our little family and sharing in our journey as a team! My name is Nicole and I am a wife, mom, sister, daughter, friend, crafter, employee, and I happen to be blind. Figaro, is my tall, dark, and handsome guide dog / sidekick! He is a black labrador retriever and sweet as could be! Here we share our adventures training and working together. I also share a variety of lifestyle videos, crafting and DIY projects, cleaning and home management topics, and shopping/hauls relevant to these areas. We welcome you to join us on our journey!!

    In this video I have you join us for grooming—coat and dental care routines. Part of the care and responsibility with a guide or service dog is maintaining their health and wellbeing—in all ways—and includes daily grooming of coat and teeth. The time spent grooming your dog isn’t only good for his physical health, it’s good for your relationship and bonding as well. You have a time that is devoted to your dog alone and you are caring for them and allowing them to relax and enjoy being taken care of. I would liken it to a massage or spa day for a human—especially this human—when will it be my turn?! (Just kidding.)

    As you will see in this video, the primary tool we use for daily coat care is a Zoom Groom rubber dog brush. This brush will gently lift the dead and loose undercoat fur from your dog’s coat so that it ends up in your brush, and thus in the trash or outside, instead of in your house on the floor. I also demonstrate use of the Furminator dog brush, but this brush requires careful and limited use as over-using this brush can damage your dog’s coat. During the highest shedding times of the year (when our dogs are “blowing their coats”), I use the Furminator approximately once every two weeks to once per month. Throughout the rest of the year, I use the Furminator once a month or less. I would rather err on the side of caution with my dog’s care.

    When brushing my dog’s teeth you will see that I prefer to use a dog toothbrush that is shaped like a normal human toothbrush. Many people prefer to use a “finger-brush” so I will link that below as well. We also use an enzymatic poultry-flavored toothpaste.

    All of these tools and products are linked here:

    KONG Zoom Groom


    Enzadent Enzymatic Dog Toothpaste-Poultry Flavor

    Dog Toothbrushes (multi-pack with two brush style toothbrushes and one finger-brush toothbrush for dogs).

    If you enjoyed this video, we welcome you to join our little family, and join us on this journey!

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