Fake Service Dog 😡 Tries To Get Real Service Dog

    Watch the video all the way through before commenting. That dog was a fake service dog, no service dog in training is allowed to act that way in public and wouldn’t be in public until it was already able to ignore these things. If Colt was distracted which he is not a robot and could be, I could fall and get hurt, he could miss a alert and I can have a seizure unexpectedly and get hurt as well. He could also be hurt by this dog if it got to him and may developed PTSD about dogs coming after him and be unable to be a service dog for me anymore. He has been attack multiple times in the past and it was very traumatizing for me, thankfully he didn’t show any signs of issues after it but it’s such a big issue that he could at some point and I don’t want him to. We carry dog pepper spray and sometimes even a taser to keep Colt safe from dogs that have tried to attack. This is my life, my dog saved my life daily and is well behaved and not bothering any other dogs. We just want to same respect and for people to stop committing felonies just to bring your pet along, you clearly don’t know what it’s like to need a service dog, I wish I didn’t need Colt and could leave him home, I love him but it’s not fun having to have a service dog, I’m blessed but it doesn’t mean I wanted this.

    ▪️ Frequently Asked Questions▪️
    Q: Theme Song?
    A: Survivor by Zach Williams

    Q: What breed is Colt?
    A: Weimaraner/English Labrador

    Q: Where did I get Colt?
    A: Colt was hand picked from a litter by a behavioralist and myself.

    Q: Who Trained Colt?
    A: Colt was owner trained by myself.

    Q: How did I train Colt?
    A: I have many years of experience training military K9’s.

    Q: How long did it take to train him?
    A: Training never really stops but he was considered a fully trained service dog after a little over a year and a half.

    Q: How does Colt alert to seizures?
    A: Seizure alert Can Not be trained, it’s a natural instinct, the dog can ether do it or it can’t.

    Q: How long do I have before a seizure or pass out spell when Colt alerts?
    A: For seizures I have anywhere from 30mins-2hours, most times it’s enough time to take medication to prevent the seizure. For pass out spells, I have about 15mins.

    Q: What type of diet is Colt on?
    A: We follow a Prey Model Raw PMR and Frankenprey diet. This is a raw diet including 80% muscle meat, 10% meaty bones, and 10% organs. No vegetables included in meals.
    Here is some good information on it ➡️

    Raw Diets for Dogs Explained: Prey Model vs BARF

    Q: What kind of crutches do you use?
    A: They are called smart crutches and they are 100% unique and will find nothing else like them. You can find them here ➡️


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