So today we went to the mall. I wanted to work on some training in public places with cloud and just to hangout with my friend and boyfriend. i also had some money to spend 😉 While we walked into Build a Bear just to see what bears they had. another “Service Dog” came in as well. This was our first time running into a Service dog and from my perspective i believe this dog was a fake. It was pulling on the leash and was whining to get to cloud. I wanted to say something really badly but, the person probably really does a disability, the dog just wasn’t a service dog though. Cloud did react a bit because we are still working on not reacting to other dogs. But, i still had control of cloud and she still had focus on me and wasn’t whimpering, barking or anything at the dog. Just calmly laying down by me and just looking at the dog. My friend doesn’t completely understand Service dogs so that’s why she said “it is a service dog” just because it had a harness that said so.

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