Fake Service Dog kicked out for barking at my Service Dog

    Description is in video, please read. colt is a weim/lab. Please share to spread awareness. I’m not saying the dog is stupid, because obviously the training is the owners fault and I wouldnt expect anything less from a pet, I meant the dogs actions where stupid. I love all animals, just because this dog scared me and I was on edge thinking my life line could have gotten hurt when it lundge at us off camera doesn’t mean I don’t love the dog or wish harm on it. It just shouldn’t be brought in the store and faked as a service dog, putting many people at risk with its aggressive issues, and real service dogs at risk. Two other Service Dog handlers in Colorado have had encounters with this fake Service Dog and none have been good, the last persons service dog was very very close to getting attacked. Yes I didn’t get the random lunging on video and I say why in the description in the video, so please read that and realize I am only trying to bring awareness to a huge problem, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, and I am not asking you to take my side. Just know that things like this can happen when people bring untrained dogs into stores. Have a great day.


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