Getting a Service Dog, the Process II

    “I Raise Service Dogs” ; “I breed Service Dogs” ; “This Service Dog comes from a long LINE of Service Dogs” !! Pat explains how crazy this is in Part Two of Getting a Service Dog,

    Pat Muller is the Founder of Safe Landing – New Beginnings

    – Owner and President of Quansa Kennels Inc.
    – Inventor and patent holder of Q-Collar and Q-Calmer.
    – Developer of the Manners In Minutes Training program and conducts these seminars throughout the United States and Canada.
    – Past president, three terms, of the United States Lakeland Terrier Club.
    – Breeder of AKC Airedale and Lakeland Terriers.
    – She works with Veterans Service Dogs
    – She woks with Children and Adults teaching pack behavior.

    Contact Pat Muller by Phone 815-389-3754

    or Contact her by email at:


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