Guide Dog School and Training Experience Tag: Guide Dogs for the Blind: Nicole & Figaro

    This tag was created by YouTube content creator: Joy Hu

    The original “Guide Dog School and Training Experience Tag” video Joy created can be seen here:

    During this video I respond to the “Guide Dog School and Training Experience Tag” questions listed below:
    Tag Questions
    1. What is the name of the guide dog school you attended?
    2. Where is the school located?
    3. Briefly describe your application process from start to finish. (Include dates if possible)
    4. How many people are in a typical class at the school, and how many classes graduate each year?
    5. What dog breeds are used by the school?
    6. What did your training look like? (Include details about duration and structure)
    7. Describe a typical day at the guide dog school.
    8. In 3 words, describe your first meeting with your dog.
    9. What reinforcers are used, both positive and negative? In other words, how are the dogs rewarded and corrected?
    10. What was the easiest part of training?
    11. What was the most difficult part of training?
    12. What was your favorite or most memorable moment of training?

    Figaro is my third guide dog, but my first male guide dog. I have received all of my guide dogs through Guide Dogs for the Blind. If you are interested in learning more about Guide Dogs for the Blind, or applying for a guide dog, please visit the link below:

    Please join us on our journey at our social links:

    Chronicles of a Crafty Blind Chick:

    This Guide’s Life (Figaro’s Adventures):



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