Husky On A Plane?! – Flying with a Service Dog

    This video is a compilation of some old footage I found on a hard drive from a year ago when we went on our first plane ride together! Voodoo did amazing throughout the whole experience! I wasn’t able to get footage of security or much of walking to our terminal mostly because this was with my Canon, not my current Sony, which was much bigger and it was much more obvious.

    As mentioned in the video, the guide handle I use for Voodoo is not used for mobility or putting pressure on her. Mobility dogs need to be MUCH bigger and MUCH heavier than Voodoo is to safely to mobility work. I suffer from dissociative episodes terribly in airports and the guide handle is used to ground me along with light guide work to get me out of a situation that may be causing the episode. Again, I do not put any pressure or weight on this handle as it would hurt Voodoo’s back and hips 🙂

    I’ve had a lot of people asking which rigid handle we use! Here’s the link to it:



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