Listen to guide dog Arabella barking with excitement! She’s getting so good!

    My new guiding angel Arabella never would bark at the door until my retired guiding Angel Antonia passed away on December 20th. Just love this! As a blind individual, I love my dogs alerting me when someone is at the door. Before my Toni girl passed away, the only ones who would bark at the door were Antonia and Lily, Arabella would just jump around quietly with excitement. But before Antonia passed away, I had a conversation with her. I asked her if she could help Arabella find her bark when she got to heaven. And guess what? Arabella started barking at the door on December 26 out of the blue! This was a gift of hope from my beautiful Antonia Hope!!! Even though I’ve posted about this before, I still so enjoy hearing it every time! This was our Christmas miracle this year! It’s so sweet to know my Antonia is still my angel, and she’s watching over all of us! ❤️


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