One Vision – A Guide Dog Documentary

    Dedicated for all the puppies, but particularly, Mathilda, Tom, Pearl, and Sammy.

    There is a lot that goes untold in the story about the four-legged creatures who hold a special destiny – who are the eyes, companions, heroes, best friends, and freedom for some people.

    Over the past 4 months, I have had the pleasure of meeting and spending time with a special group of people: guide dog puppy raisers. Before a Guide Dog, become a Guide Dog, or goes to training to become one, they spend a year with a “raiser” who teaches them basic commands and more importantly, loves them.

    This film is just a short snippet of what it means to be a puppy raiser, the challenges the dogs face, and the love and support for a better cause.

    For more information on Puppy Raising and/or Southeastern Guide Dogs, visit:


    The making of this film would not be possible without the many wonderful and talented people who helped bring the importance of raising a puppy to life with me. So thank you to:

    • Southeastern Guide Dogs: for allowing me to pursue this idea and giving me permission to follow your puppy raisers and help support puppy raising.

    • High Point University Communication Department: for aiding me in the skills, technology, and support to pursue such a project.

    • Dr. Trammell: for not giving up on me and following my crazy story ideas and supporting them all the way.

    • My Puppy Raisers – Carolyn, John, Joyce, Liz, and Christine: thank you for letting me bombard your life with a camera and for accepting me into the group and into your lives. Also, thank you for the countless hours you spend raising these wonderful puppies.

    • My camera crew – Hogan, Zach, Ben, Kelly, Erin, and Maddie: thank you for your time and for your gift of capturing and translating the lives of these puppies through a camera.

    • My music artists
    – Ryan: thank you for underscoring yet another one of my films with me. I really appreciate your time and support.
    – Troy & The Co.: thank you for creating the touching music that you do and for allowing me to touch other people with it. Also, thank you for trusting me with your music.

    • My Adobe Effects expert – Collin: thank you for your help wit the graphics and for making them come to life.

    • My parents: for your loving support, wings, and late night talks.

    • Dave: for believing in me and my crazy ideas, and for being my sound board throughout the process.


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