Psychiatric Service Dogs // Let’s Talk About Mental Illness

    what’s up everyone, today’s video is going to be a little chat about psychiatric service dogs. it’s not a “how to” by any means, but more of a discussion about the stigma surrounding mental illness, psych service dogs, a bit about my story w/ psychiatric disabilities and how Percie fits into that, and some advice for those looking into a psychiatric service dog. i’m on spring break right now so i’m going to try and upload a couple times over the next two weeks, we shall see. i had a small hospitalization thingy a couple days ago so that’s why i’m a little discombobulated, but i’m glad to be home. thank you all as always for watching my videos, supporting me during this journey, and sharing your own brave stories. you all are amazing.

    much love,

    instagram: @service.angel.percie


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