Service Dog Alerts to Anxiety

    Colt alerting to anxiety. His cue is when my breathing gets heavy or I start to unknowingly take deep breath, this is also the same cue for when I am starting to get agitated and or overwhelmed, he also alerts to leg shaking for the same reasons. With my TBI I get sensory overload, which causes anxiety and I easy can slip into a dissociative episode, panic attack, Hypervigilance, anger episode and or a crying fit, most times of which I can’t continue on with my day. It can also lead to a medical emergency. Colt alerts me that I am getting this way before it gets bad and I can take measures to calm down or relocate to a safer place, and Colt will do DPT. In this video he is laying unaware that I am filling, almost asleep and he gets the cue instantly, his ears perk to the sound and then he nudges me to check in with me, when he sees it’s time to alert he stands. You can see he knowingly targets my left knee because I have numbness in my right side and wouldn’t feel him alerting on that side. Extra points for looking to see if he dropped my sweater to do a auto retrieve. Thank you Colt.


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