Service Dog at School: Q+A

    Hello everyone! I hope this video helps answer any questions you might have about bringing your service dog to school. Feel free to ask other questions in the comment section! Enjoy 🙂

    Gear Video:

    Instagram Questions:
    How do potty breaks work? @life.of.allee
    How often do you give PP a break at school? @adventurewithkoda
    How did you get Percie used to being in a school environment? @monster_the_frenchie_
    What skills does a dog need to know to prepare for school? @varsitycanine
    What are some essential tips for helping her stay chill throughout hours of boring class?
    What was your worst fear about bringing her? What happened in reality? @sditkoda
    How often do you take Percie outside? @haylee_wisuri_
    Hardest part about having a service dog in school? @tobiasjeffersontowner
    My SDiT will be a little under a year old when I bring him to school. Is this too young? @cloud9dogdesign
    Can you talk about the college acceptance of her? And what is the general reaction of people @goldengirlpepper
    Any tips on letting professors know ahead of time? Such as, what to tell them? @service.pup.onyx
    How do you introduce your dog to your classes on the first day? @finneys_fun_adventures
    Do students treat you differently or say mean/rude things to you? @service_pupper_peppa
    How to handle lunch time and food/lines of very crowded people? @bellamiedesmond
    How to educate classmates on your SD and not petting it? @_pennypup
    How do you deal with people rudely ask what your disabilities are?
    When were you able to bring Percie to school? What tasks could she perform at that time? @mamunderthesun
    How do you make sure that Percie gets enough “off” time while juggling your courses? @tee_millsy
    What is the most difficult part of bringing your service dog to school? @_figthenewton_
    How often do people try to touch PP or try to distract her on purpose? @laureneolin
    What do you do when people come up to you while you’re trying to go to class? @jojothepembrokecorgi
    What do you do during PE? @workingdog_ry
    My Uni allows ESAs how to cope with untrained animals? @graingerthespringer
    Did you have to fill out special applications or have interviews to bring P with you? @tbk3680
    Resources you’ve found helpful on campus? @chesterbesd
    Does Percie ever get antsy if you have a long class? @bruce.thegoldenboy
    What do you do if your dog alerts in class? @service_heeler_lucille
    If PP got sick, would you attend classes without her? @juliegoldenlux
    Is it beneficial to request specific seats in the classroom? @seekingmysavior_
    Do you have any tips for graduating with a SD? @life.of.allee
    Any tips for move in day? @service.pup.finn
    Do you find yourself distracted in class because of Percie/have you ever been late to class because of her? @dublinthedoggo
    What did you do to gain the respect and space from people?
    How do you handle bullies that might be rude to you or your dog? @balou_my_goldie
    Have you had a lab class? How did that work? @stoltman6
    Are there any classes you don’t take Percie to? Why? @zukoservice
    How was high school different?
    Did it feel the weird the first time you walked in a class with Percie, were people looking? _cathe
    How do you exercise Percie? Is it hard living in a small space? @lauren.416
    How do you combat peers or professors who don’t want to believe that you need PP? @andy_thechicken
    When did you know Percie was ready to go to school with you? Handling long days specifically. @lb_and_me


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