Service Dog Public Access, Confidence Building // Sleepover w/ a Bestie

    Hello everyone! This a vlog from last weekend (3.24.18) when I went to go visit Emily and Wesley 💕 Emily is one of my best friends and even though I don’t see her a lot, I love when I do! Wes is her medical alert and response SDiT, who is coming along in such an impressive manner and I’m so proud of the two of them. So you guys know, Em and I met before she had Wes yet had been told by her doctors and been planning on training a service dog on account of her disability. It just so happened we ended up at the same school and met around the time she was getting Wes 😅 Next year we will be “roommates” – we both will have singles but next door to each other – and I cannot WAIT!

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    As always, thank you so much for watching and supporting my journey ❤️



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