Untrained “Service Dog” on Airplane

    This is actually more common than you think. The ADA and ACAA do not cover service animals in training. Often, people claim their dog is in training to try to excuse the ill-behaved actions of an untrained dog they are claiming is a ‘service dog.

    At least it’s not a turkey. They brought this woman in on an airport wheelchair and the dog was on her lap. I was assigned the seat in front of her. Immediately when we took our seats, this started. I was assigned an aisle seat so anytime someone came to sit in my row, I had to get up and move me and my service dog in the main aisle. Well, this caused her dog to lose it every time. What I didn’t get to record, was her blaming ME for her dog’s behavior and she kept calling me rude. I finally told her she was delusional if she thought her dog would be calm with me and my own service dog sitting in front of her. ALSO, told her that the ADA and the ACAA doesn’t cover service dogs in training and she shouldn’t even be allowed on this flight with that dog. The flight attendants found me another seat in the back.


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