What My Guide Dog Needs To Do Her Job

    Ingrid is my Guide Dog for the Blind… that’s right, I’m legally blind. This video breaks down all of the tools and equipment that my Dog needs to do her job and keep me safe, from the infamous harness to her shoes, bait bag, and gentle leader head collar.

    Our Guide Dog training program is called Guide Dogs for the Blind, and is located in San Rafael, California. Learn more at GuideDogs.com.

    For information on the storm jacket shown here, visit https://www.amazon.com/RC-Pet-Products-Water-Resistant-Reflective/dp/B0080E022Y. For information on the booties, visit ruffware.com. And for the blue raincoat, also visit guidedogs.com.

    Connect with us on Twitter @GuideDogIngrid and @TheLifeGeek, or on Instagram @AriaMiaLoberti. You can learn more about me on these social media pages and at thelifegeek.blogspot.com.

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