What’s In My Guide Dog’s (Everyday) Bag?

    Have you ever wondered what kind of supplies a service dog handler carries around with them on a daily basis for their dog? Here’s your chance to see what’s inside of a guide dog’s bag from a handler who (over)packs for every possible situation! Thank you for watching!
    (VD: Me (short white hair wearing a red and white striped shirt) sitting on a carpet floor with a blank wall in the background describing the various items I keep with me for my black lab guide dog, Gabrielle. Gabrielle’s “purse” is a large rectangle makeup bag with green leaves and blue flowers over a creme background with a neon orange zipper.)
    Also check out my friend, Lauren’s video about what she packs for her guide dog on a trip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XuQ9Ad86Tq4


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