WHY I HAVE A SERVICE DOG, and other faq

    FAQ time! It’s actually more like a Q and A, but I don’t think it matters. Thanks to everyone for being patient! I love you guys so much! What video do you want to see next? And do you think I should make a custom intro!? Let me know down below!

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    I tried to keep it as short as I could…here are the questions via timestamp:

    What’s wrong with you?/Why do you have a service dog? 0:41
    What tasks does she perform? 3:24
    Is Percie owner-trained? 5:00
    How long have you had Percie? 5:24
    Is Percie your first service dog? 5:29
    How did you select Percie? 5:35
    How did you select the breeder? 6:35
    What sort of resources did you use? 8:03
    Why the Golden Retriever? Would you consider other breeds? 8:34
    Do you ever think she’s going to wash out? 8:58
    What’s the biggest advice you can give to somebody training their own service dog? 9:30
    How old was Percie when she went on her first PA in her vest? 10:15
    Do you have registration for her? 10:46
    Do you ever get told you don’t need her? 11:03
    As you and Percie go off to college with you be on or off college?
    Will she have access wherever you go? 11:35
    Would you be willing to do a vlog of a training session with Percie? 12:10
    Have you ever run into a fake service dog? 12:22
    Have you ever had a PA issue and how did you deal with it? 12:53
    Do you support the use of ESAs and do you consider them similar to service dogs like Percie? 14:02
    What grooming do you do and how often? 14:52
    Did you ever have any issues with other students while at school?
    How do you deal with negative people so gracefully? 15:26
    Where’s your favorite place to go with Percie? 15:44
    Have you ever thought about training service dogs for other people?
    How much do you love Luca? 16:33 shoutout @goldenservicedog
    When are our dogs getting married? 16:45 shoutout @winterservicedog

    Clouds by Joakim Karud http://soundcloud.com/joakimkarud
    Music provided by Audio Library https://youtu.be/YrvBTBmqVPE


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