7 Reasons Why You Should Never Listen To The Dog Whisperer

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    The Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan had a tremendous viewership while on the air, reaching 11 million US viewers every week. Many celebrities contacted Cesar to work with their dogs, and Millan even became caretaker of Daddy, the American Pit Bull Terrier belonging to the rapper Redman. Daddy’s temperament was one of Millan’s key tools for convincing the public that all dogs were capable of impeccable behavior. Of course, that isn’t true. Despite the show’s popularity, here are some reasons you should never listen to the Dog Whisperer…

    Nobody can do what Cesar can do | 0:32
    Don’t try this at home | 1:38
    His methods could be faulty | 2:23
    Vets don’t like him either | 3:33
    He was under investigation for animal cruelty | 4:51
    His show is deceptively edited | 6:08
    You and your dog can get hurt | 6:53

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