Redman on Relationship with Cesar Milan, Cesar Using His Dog “Daddy”

    Redman stopped by VladTV to talk about his relationship with the famous “Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan. “I knew Cesar Millian.. from my boy in LA…He lived in the hood, all that sh*t you see now, I know the Cesar Millian Millian, he lived in East LA, and I mean it was hood. “Only star dogs he had was Will Smiths dog, and I had brought a puppy.” Redman explained he was into Red Nose Pitbulls at the time, so he bought the smallest one from the litter and took him to Ceasar.

    Redman explained that before Cesar’s fame he would walk around downtown LA with a lot of dogs like Pitbulls and Rottweilers without a leash and would be able to keep them in line, and that’s what impressed Redman. As Redman’s career got more aggressive, it got to a point to where he started leaving his dog with Cesar when he would be out of town for extended periods of time. “It was something about my dog and Cesar Millian that was unbreakable…he was the house dog for the family when I left him when I was on the road.” Redman said he left on the road for a long period and came back, and his dog grew massively. “I came back he was a monster…I came back and was like whose dog is this??”

    After Cesar Millian’s career had taken off, he used Redman’s dog for his brand. Redman said it was foul the way he went about taking his dog from him, “Other people got involved, a lady came down and got kind of aggressive with me…[she said] either you gonna continue paying for your dog or you can sign him over to ceasar…it was kind of foul on how it went about I don’t blame Ceasar, I kind of do.” Redman let Ceasar have the dog, and the dog helped his career immensely.

    Check out the clip above.


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