Severely Agressive Dog on Death Row Meets the Miami Dog Whisperer – PART 2

    DAY 4 : So far Osi, the ‘killer’ Husky has had only a few brief moments of agression, but they are not severe by any means and they are always prompted by fear. We noticed Osi has vision problems, so we are able to handle him properly so that his rehabilitation is faster and lasting…check our Osi day 4 of being at The Miami Dog Whiseprer’s care…Will he bite!?

    DAY 1: Osi is a beautiful husky that was left at a rescue to be placed after his owner of 7 years did not want him any longer. The problem is that Osi is exremely people agressive and unpredictable. Nobody has been able to touch him, nobody has been able to feed him, walk him or come in direct contact with him without him showing signs of serious agression…..UNTIL NOW!!!!!!

    for more information on Osi check out Part 1 and Part 3


    Osi’s case was 5 years ago. It is still one of the most asked about cases we have ever had because everyone fell in love with this beautiful guy.

    Once I realized that Osi was visually impaired, I contacted the rescue to let them know of the discovery. I took Osi to a Canine eye specialist. He diagnosed Osi with Cataracts on both eyes.
    Together with the rescue, we immediately put up a fundraiser to help with Osi’s surgery. The vet was kind enough to give Osi a special discount due to his special case. Once we raised all the money needed, the funds went directly to the vet so he would perform the surgery.

    Osi had the surgery, stayed in the hospital a few days, My wife and I visited him daily and made sure he had the absolute best care. The head of the rescue also went to visit him regularly.

    Osi came home with me once the doctor released him from the hospital. My wife, kids and I nursed him and gave him his medicine, put the eye drops in , made sure he had the best care so he would make a full recovery. We took him to follow up visits to the Vet and finally the vet gave him a 100% clean bill of health!

    As soon as the Vet gave the okay, I started to train him in basic obedience using treats (which he loves) and I taught him how to be social and okay with dogs and people. My family and I fell in love with Osi! I must admit we really spoiled him as much as we could!!!!!

    We fostered him for a year until he was fully ready to go to a permanent home.

    Osi was adopted by a wonderful dog loving and very kind couple who adored him! Osi immediately befriended their other dog and they became “brothers” doing everything together!

    Osi will always have a special place in our hearts. My family and I still talk about him .
    I am humbled and blessed to have been a part of his happily ever after!

    Thank you for following this special case so close to my heart!


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