Vicious Dog Encounters – Dog Whisperer BIG CHUCK MCBRIDE

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    This is the official YouTube channel for Dog Trainer/ Behaviorist Dog Whisperer BIG CHUCK MCBRIDE.
    A one-stop shop for all dog training/behavioral fixes, free dog and puppy training tips, instantly effective dog training videos that actually work; and accurate pet product reviews.

    Dog Whisperer BIG CHUCK MCBRIDE is the best nationwide dog trainer in America and the world; he fixes dogs that no one else can. CHUCK fixes any bad dog behavior in 3 seconds to 30 minutes or clients do not pay a dime. It does not take 6 or 12 week courses, doggie boot camps, or a bank loan to pay for it. CHUCKS training rates with travel to your out-of-state/local location is less than what local trainers would charge in your area. CHUCK has 1,800 clients and 1,800 dog fixes in less than 30 minutes, a perfect 5 star rating.

    If you need fast answers to your dog training question/s email CHUCK @ or call CHUCK directly @ 248 974 3031 (24/7). Big CHUCK MCBRIDE quickly answers calls.

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